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Zefco Auxiliary Services offers a comprehensive range of solutions to the requirements of delivery of Documents/Non-Documents, all types of cargo – high value, critical and urgent shipments all over India and any part of the World. Based on the specific requirements of each individual or corporate the company provides customized services with the application of multi-modal distribution systems integrated by Surface Transport and by Air Freight/Sea Freight.

We offer a wide variety of Desktop & Web-based tools and applications that can aid your business in a variety of ways from enabling seamless processes to gaining better operational visibility. Our consulting arm can even help you determine the solutions you need, implement and maintain them for you.

Zefco offers a full basket of products including travel totes, sports bags, duffel bags, backpacks, school bags, college bags, messenger bags, office bags, hand bags, pouches and many other accessories. The Company designs and manufactures these bags using tough fabrics such as nylons and polyesters, coated with special chemicals to add strength and make it waterproof. The bags are designed to be user friendly with varied functionality combining style with comfort.

e-Zefco offers businesses a solution that enables them to sell online through Zefco. Customers can use advanced platforms to set up their online stores swiftly and economically. Customers can design their storefronts, update online catalogues, manage orders and payments securely and ship products on-time to their customers with Zefco. Your online store will be integrated with Zefco’s delivery solutions and services.